Will Button

a multifaceted franchise player with a deep and broad skillset. He uses his expertise in areas such as node.js, mongodb, elasticsearch, and AWS to build scalable, sustainable, modern solutions that support your startup, prove your business plan, then launch into profitable growth. Will is the MVP that comes with Brady-like ball handling skills, Belichick’s play calls, and the mechanical aptitude to use a tire pressure gauge.

New tools, techniques and technologies come out daily and Will stays on top to understand their impact, potential uses, and production worthiness.
Production-grade MongoDB expertise, experience with large datasets, scaling, and backing out of what really, really looked like a good plan.
An extensive background in devops & working with  datacenters and cloud. He has much to offer in the fields of scaling, updating, continuous deployment and continuous integration.
An extensive background and love of all things javascript give him the competitive edge to bring value to your business without the rockstar drama.

It takes a team to pull off huge victories and Will knows how to work within teams of all shapes and sizes. His passion and expertise in node can be seen in his videos as an egghead.io instructor, github work, and his speaking engagements at local meetups, Desert Code Camp, Iterate Phoenix and DevOps Days events worldwide.

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